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Starting with Riingo Mobile
Offer a Smarter Employer Benefit
Valued Employees
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Riingo Members will enjoy immediate savings on their new and existing mobile phone rate plan expenses by switching to Riingo Mobile. By becoming a member of Riingo Smarterphone Solutions, you and your family will place yourselves on a path to measurable daily progress, educational and financial achievement, and life-long success!
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Riingo Mobile
Riingo Mobile
A “smarterphone” plan
for smarter kids.
Starting at
4 Riingo Membership plans available and customizable for your unique family.
Riingo Academy
Educate and inspire your kids to greatness.
Coming December 2020
We are creating the ultimate curriculum for a child’s early career planning and financial literacy training. Learn, plan, earn and save with our “SmartMoney” app to make daily progress towards lifelong achievement and success.
Riingo Academy
Riingo Club
Riingo Club
Online shopping with exclusive discounts for Riingo Members.
Coming Spring 2021
Seamlessly integrated with your Riingo phone plan. Buy smarter together with other Riingo Members.
Riingo Club
Metta book
Metta Quiet Storm
“As a founder of Riingo, I’m on a mission to help children make daily progress and make the world better at the same time. “
“I want to inspire kids to invest time in their passions and to focus their minds on where they want to be, not on where their body sits today. We need to provide our youth with as much support, tools and guidance as possible to help them live up to their fullest potential.”
Metta World Peace
NBA Champion, Mental Health Advocate,
Entrepreneur, Tech Developer and Author.
Riingo Club
Artest Uni
Suffering Memorial
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